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Packaging solution for granules products

Before choosing correct granule packaging machine, you need to understand the difference between granules and powder. The obviously difference between them is the viscosity of the products. Granular products are free viscous with high fluidity. In this way, we can adopt a vertical packaging design, transport materials through bucket elevators, and use volumetric cup to measure and fill granular products. The granule packaging machine is widely used in various non-sticky small granule products such as sugar, salt, rice, grains, seeds, coffee, beans, peanuts etc.

From the perspectives of packaging efficiency, labor saving, hygiene and safety, we recommend that customers choosing fully automatic granule packaging machine. It can automatically complete all packaging processes, including measuring, filling, bag forming, sealing, printing and cutting, it will be a powerful assistant for your production and market expansion.

Granule packing machine manufacture

G&F Machine as a 15 years professional package machine manufacture, we offers wide range of granule packaging machines to meet various needs from customers. Besides humanized design, high quality standard, free installation and easy operation, we also trying best to save customers’ costs, it’s our mission to supply high-quality packing machine with limited budget.


Granule sachet

packing machine GF60K

Pack 1ml – 80ml granule small sachet bag, pillow bag, 3 sides or 4 sides sealed are optional.

Sugar Stick Packing Machine - GF60BK

Granule single lane stick packing machine GF60BK

Pack 1ml – 80ml granule in silgle stick bag, diffrent cut shape, tear notch are available.

Multi Lane Granule Stick Packing Machine GF280BK

Granule multi-lane stick packing machine GF280BK

Can pack 2ml – 100ml granule in multi-lane stick bags, 2-12 lanes are optional.

Vertical Packing Machine VFFS GF420

Vertical packing machine VFFS GF420

GF420 is available for big size bag, the capacity packing is from 150ml – 1500ml, and various granule and bags shape are optional.

Vertical Packing Machine VFFS GF520K

Vertical packing machine VFFS GF520K

GF520K can pack powder in high speed, the capacity packing is from 200ml – 2000ml, perfect choice for granule products.

vertical packing machine VFFS GF620

Vertical packing machine VFFS GF620

GF620 is special for bigger size bag packing, the capacity packing is from 300ml – 3000ml, and various bags shape are optional.

Want to consult customized granule packing machine?

How to choose a good granule packing machine?

1. Analysis the product characteristics

Firstly, to avoid to mix the powder and granules, we need to fully understand the characteristics and the biggest difference between them, which is the viscosity and fluidity of the materials. Therefore, we can choose the correct granule packaging machine or a powder packaging machine according to the characteristics of the material.

Secondly, know more about your products and packing requirement are helpfully to get the correct packing machine, such as corrosive, hygienic requirements, packaging size, bag type, cut shape etc.

2. Determine the market plan and purchase budget

According to your market planning and sales volume to calculate the production capacity, and should keep extra capacity for the peak time. One more thing you should consider is the factory space, granule packing machine is commonly compact but you also should provide enough space for other packing functions, such as storage of packed products, raw materials, and the area for the operators, etc.

3. Choose a correct packing machine model

You can according to expected capacity, budget the packaging bag size and shape to select the corrrect packing machine model, small or standard machine, stick packing machine or vertical packing machine.

At the same time, you should pay more attention on the machine quality, because the downtime loss and maintenance costs caused by the failure of low quality in production will lead to a worse ROI. Furthermore, it may even cause the loss of the market and customers.

If you are not sure can make the correct desicion, it is necessary to consult your supplier to get some professional suggestion, it will help you make the final correct decision.

Get specialized guidance for your granule packing machine from G&F MACHINE

Tell us your requirements and your product information, our professional team will provide you with the most suitable granule packaging solution.

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