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Automatic powder packing machine is the high efficient package solution

Powder packaging machine, as known as powder packing machine, powder filling and sealing machine, powder pouch packing machine and flour packing machine, is a powder packaging equipment to pack various powder products.

Semi-automatic powder packaging machines are relatively cheap compared to fully automatic powder packaging machines. Although the production capacity will be reduced, it is also a good choice for companies with limited budgets and lower production capacity requirements.

In general, the automatic powder packing machine can automatically complete all tasks such as measuring, filling, bag making, sealing and cutting. There is a very obvious advantage in improving the product quality and production efficiency in powder pack. In addition, the automatic powder packaging machine is also more accurate. It can effectively eliminate processing errors and reduce labor intensity.

Although the manual powder packing machine will save a lot your purchase cost, for a long-term powder packaging, there will be big amount cost for labor and time.

Powder pack solution

As a professional manufacturer of powder packaging equipment for 15 years, we have very mature production technology. In addition, we have been trying our best to save customers’ costs. Get a high-quality powder packing machine with limited budget is our mission.

G&F Machine offers a variety of powder packaging machines with specifically designed for powder products, which can meet the various needs of customers.

Sachet Powder Packing Machine-GF60F

Automatic powder sachet

packing machine GF60F

Pack 0.5ml – 80ml powder in small sachet bag, pillow bag, 3 sides or 4 sides sealed are optional.

Coffee Stick Packing Machine-GF60BF

Single lane stick powder packing machine GF60BF

Pack 0.5ml – 80ml powder in silgle stick bag, diffrent cut shape, tear notch are available.

Multi Lane Powder Stick Packing Machine GF280BF

Milti-lane powder stick packing machine GF280BF

Can pack 2ml – 100ml powder in multi-lane stick bags, 2-12 lanes are optional.

Vertical Packing Machine VFFS GF420

Vertical packing machine VFFS GF420

GF420 is available for big size bag, the capacity packing is from 150ml – 1500ml, and various bags shape are optional.

Vertical Packing Machine VFFS GF520K

Vertical packing machine VFFS GF520K

GF520K can pack powder in high speed, the capacity packing is from 200ml – 2000ml, and various bags shape are optional.

vertical packing machine VFFS GF620

Vertical packing machine VFFS GF620

GF620 is special for big size bag packing, the capacity packing is from 300ml – 3000ml, and various bags shape are optional.

Want to consult customized powder packing machine?

Automatic powder packing machine price

It is difficult to say the price in a word, but it is easily understand the price is low for small powder packing machine, and the price is high for big machine, the price range is from few hundreds dollars to thousands of dollars, and the actual price still depends on the specific machine model and customer customization requirements. It is better to choose the appropriate model according to your own production capacity and product packaging size to avoid wasting investment.

There is no doubt that the quality is the most priority considering thing, because the downtime loss and maintenance costs caused by the failure of low quality in production will lead to a worse ROI. Furthermore, it may even cause the loss of the market and customers.

GF machines as the member of top quality team of package machine in China, we focus on optimizing costs for more than 15 years, supplying the top quality packing machine and meeting customers’ limited budget are our lifetime mission.

Get specialized guidance for your powder packing machine from G&F MACHINE

Tell us your requirements and your product information, our professional team will provide you with the most suitable powder packing solution.

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