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Chilli packaging solution

Chili powder is one of the commonly used seasonings. It is red or reddish-yellow. Generally, it is a mixture of red chili, yellow chili, chili seeds and some chili stalks. It has the inherent spicy aroma of chili and makes it easy to sneeze when smelled.

The packaging solution normally is based on the viscosity and fluidity, chilli as a dry powder product with bad fluidity and high viscosity, so vertical packing machine with screw measuring device is the general selection for chilli powder.

Chilli powder packing machine price

Based on customers’ requirements for production capacity and package volume, the chilli powder packaging machines can be divided into two categories – economical and standard, you soule be clearly that which type is suitable for you before check the price.

1. Economical chilli powder packing machine

The economical chilli packing machine is the appropriate choice for low production capacity and small bag size packing requirement, the bag size normally from 30mm to 200mm, and bag volume is from 0.5ml to 300ml, the price is around $2,000-$5,000, the exact price is depending on the final requirements.

2. Standard chilli powder packing machine

The standard spices packing machine is for high production capacity and big bag size packing requirement, the bag size normally from 50mm to 400mm, and bag volume is from 150ml to 400ml, of course, the price is high, from $10,000 to $15,000 based on the customer customization requirements.

The price is just for reference, and you should realize that the quality is the most priority considering thing, because the downtime loss and maintenance costs caused by low quality will lead to a worse ROI. Furthermore, it may even cause the loss of the market and customers.

Chilli powder packing machine

As a professional manufacturer of packaging equipment for 15 years, we offer a complete product line to meet customer’s various spices packaging requirements. We are trying our best to ensure customers can get a high-quality spices packing machine with limited budget.

Economical chilli powder packing machines

Sachet Powder Packing Machine-GF60F

Automatic powder sachet

packing machine GF60F

Pack 0.5ml – 80ml powder in small sachet bag, pillow bag, 3 sides or 4 sides sealed are optional.

Coffee Stick Packing Machine-GF60BF

Back sealed powder packing machine GF60BF

Pack 0.5ml – 80ml powder in back sealed bag, diffrent cut shape, tear notch are available.

Small sachet packing machine GF388

Automatic powder Sachet Packing Machine GF388

Can pack 50ml – 300ml powder in middle size sachet bags, pillow bag, 3 sides, 4 sides or back sealed are optional.

Standard chilli powder packing machines

Vertical Packing Machine VFFS GF420

Vertical packing machine VFFS GF420

GF420 is available for big size bag, the capacity packing is from 150ml – 1500ml, and various bags shape are optional.

Vertical Packing Machine VFFS GF520K

Vertical packing machine VFFS GF520K

GF520K can pack powder in high speed, the capacity packing is from 200ml – 2000ml, and various bags shape are optional.

vertical packing machine VFFS GF620

Vertical packing machine VFFS GF620

GF620 is special for big size bag packing, the capacity packing is from 300ml – 3000ml, and various bags shape are optional.

Get specialized guidance for your chilli packing machine from G&F MACHINE

Tell us your requirements and your product information, our professional team will provide you with the most suitable chilli packaging solution. Or you can check more pack machines or packing solution.

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