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Coffee powder packaging solution

Coffee is one of the three major beverages in the world and there are two kinds of coffee powder, one is made from natural coffee beans, and another one  is the powder obtained by distilling and purifying the coffee liquid that has been extracted.

 The both coffee powders are sticky or poor in fluidity, so the vertical form fill and seal packing machine with screw measuring device is more suitable for the packaging of this type of powder product.

Coffee packaging equipment for sale

As a professional manufacturer of coffee bagging equipment for 15 years, we offer a complete packing machines to meet customer’s various coffee packaging requirements. We are trying our best to ensure customers can get a high-quality spices packing machine with limited budget.

We offer higher cost performance coffee packaging equipments in 2 price levels. For example, the economical packing machine is the appropriate choice for low production capacity and small bag size packing requirement, the price is around $2,000-$5,000. And the standard coffee powder packing machine is right choice for high production capacity or big bag size packing requirement, of course, the price is high, from $10,000 to $20,000 based on the customer customization requirements.

Coffee sachet packaging machine

For the coffee powder from natural coffee beans, sachet bag is the regular packaging solution, we offer varous sachet packing machines to meet customers’ requirements. And our packing machines also can make medium or large gusset bag, bottom bag or pillow bag according to the market needs, the packaging volume is up to 1500ml, if it is not big enough, you can check more vertical packing machines in bigger packaging volume and higher speed.

Sachet Powder Packing Machine-GF60F

Automatic powder sachet

packing machine GF60F

Can pack 0.5ml – 80ml powder in small sachet bag, pillow bag, 3 sides or 4 sides sealed are optional.

Small sachet packing machine GF388

Automatic powder Sachet Packing Machine GF388

Can pack 50ml – 300ml powder in middle size sachet bags, pillow bag, 3 sides, 4 sides or back sealed are optional.

Vertical Packing Machine VFFS GF420

Vertical packing machine VFFS GF420

GF420 is available for big size bag, the capacity packing is from 150ml – 1500ml, and various bags shape are optional.

Coffee stick machine

Coffee stick packing machine is mostly used for the instant coffee packaging. Currently, millions of instant coffee sticks are consumed every day, easy to use and carry is the basic requirement for instant coffee packaging, so the stick pack with easy tear opening is the most popular packaging solution. We can supply both economical single lane stick packing machine, and high speed multi-lanes (2 lanes to 12 lanes) stick coffee powder packing machine, which effectively guarantee customer stable position as a manufacturer in the instant coffee market.

Coffee Stick Packing Machine-GF60BF

Single lane coffee powder stick packing machine GF60BF

Pack 0.5ml – 80ml powder in single lane back sealed bag, diffrent cut shape, tear notch are available.

Multi Lane Powder Stick Packing Machine GF280BF

Multi lane coffee powder stick packing machine GF280BF

Can pack 2ml – 100ml coffee powder in multi-lane stick bags in high speed, 2-12 lanes are optional.

Get specialized guidance for your coffee powder packing machine from G&F MACHINE

Tell us your requirements and bag style information, our professional team will provide you with the most suitable coffee powder packaging solution. Or you can check more pack machines or packing solution.

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