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Automatic is your best choice for industrial packaging machine

Automatic Packing Machine is a pack equipment that can finish all packaging operations automaticly, include measuring, filling, bag making, printing and sealling, According to different material filling way, it is normally divided into vertical packing machine-VFFS and horizontal packaging machine. And by using different measuring and filling device, automatic packing machine can pack powder, liquid, paste, granules, lump, meat, fruit, vegetalble and all the products that you can image.

Compared with manual packing machine and semi-automatic packing machine, there are obvious advantages for automatic packaging machine, which can save labour force and reduce labor intensity, get higher packing quality and efficiency, the safety protection, labor health and hygiene factors also can meet the requirements by using automatic packaging equipment. So automatic industrial packaging equipment is your best choice and will be more and more popular in future.

Packaging machine manufacture

As a professional supplier of packaging equipment for 15 years, our packing machines cover economical small packing machines, advanced high-speed standard packaging machines and a complete set of fully automatic packaging line. GF machines can meet the various packaging requirements for all levels of production demand, we not only make sure customer can get packing machine with limited budget and get the best possible ROI, and also provide customers with one-stop solutions, including:

  • Professional purchase consulting services, to help customers choosing the correct packaging machine;
  • High-quality products, use world famous brand electric and pneumatic components and high-quality materials, to ensure that the machine can be used at a high speed and stably for more than 10 years;
  • Competitive prices, based on meticulous cost controlling, ensure customers can get high-quality machines with limited budget;
  • Professional installation service, we provide a detailed installation guide manual, videos or field installation until machine operating smoothly;
  • Worry-free after-sales service, we provide one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance support for our packing machine.

We provide various multifunctional automatic packing machines.

Want to consult customized packing machine?

Packing machine price

It is difficult to have a more accurate answer when talking about prices. However, based on the past experience of customer consultation, we can divide the discussion into two parts, which may be more helpful to you.

Small packaging machine, this type of packaging machine is mainly for small bag packaging, suitable for packaging needs of small pouch size and packaging capacity less than 100ml. The advantage is cheap price, generally from a few hundred dollars to one or two thousand dollars, which is very suitable for small size packages and low production capacity.

Standard packaging machine or packaging line, this kind of packaging machine is larger and can meet the packing requirements of various bag shapes, large sizes and high speeds. It can also be equipped with a feeding system, a conveying system, and an operating platform. Therefore, the price is generally higher, ranging from thousands of dollars and above, it is depends on the speed, capacity and complexity.

Although price is important, we believe that should pay more attention on the quality of the machine. Because the downtime loss and maintenance cost caused by the failure of low-quality machines in production will lead to a worse ROI. Furthermore, it may even cause the loss of customers and the market.

There are diffrent features for packaging equipment manufacturers. Some focus on cheaper prices, but the quality is low. And some focus on high machine quality but without a good cost controlling, their price will be very high. GF machines always focused on how to control the cost while providing high-quality packaging machines. We are convinced that our price is the most competitive among the top-quality packaging machine suppliers in China, you are wellcome to compare and consult at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, select the correct packaging machine type according to the product type and characteristics. For example, the types of packaging machines corresponding to granules, powders, liquids, and bulk are different.

Then select the corresponding model according to the volume, bag size, bag shape, and capacity requirements of the packaged product. For example, if the packaging capacity is less than 100ml with low output, you can choose a small packing machine or a single-lane packaging machine. If the packaging bag size is large and the packaging output requirements are also high, then you can choose a standard or multi-lanes packaging machine.

At the same time, we suggest to provide your product characteristics, packaging requirements, bag size and other information to the packaging machine supplier. The supplier will give a professional answer and provide several most suitable models for your option.

After decades of development for China machinery industry, the technology of packing machine is now mature. Moreover, same as developed country, the core parts are selected from world-renowned brands, so the machinesquality is very stable. And another one of the most important thing is the cost performance, there is no doubt, packing machinery produced in China is the most competitive in the world.

It is undeniable that in order to provide extreme lower prices, some Chinese suppliers may choose low quality parts and materials, which may cause problems during machine operating and face short lifespan problem. Therefore, we suggest you pay more attention to quality when choosing a packaging machine, go after high cost performance but not extreme lower price.

Our company has been designing and producing packing machines for more than 15 years. Thousands of machines have been highly recognized by customers and market. Our company has very advanced technology and mature experience in product and software system design, parts selection and manufacturing. We not only have first-class product quality, but also have rich experience accumulated in cost control which allowed customers to obtain high-quality sachet packaging machines under a limited budget.

Providing customized services is a key service item of our company, we always ask customers to send us the packing material to check and test, it will be great help our engineers to customize the design and style of packing machines to meet your unique specifications. And they will patiently answer your every question until you get a satisfactory solution.

More questions pls contact with us now

Just let us know your requirement details, materials characteristics and bag styles, our professional team will provide you with a most suitable packaging solution!