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Pillow Packing Machine GF250X

GF250X is a high speed pillow packing machine, or called horizontal packing machine or HFFS packaging machine, the maximum speed can up to 230bags/minute. Which is ideal for soft, sticky and multipacks products.

  • Film max width: 250mm
  • Bag min size: L: 65mm, W: 30mm, H: 3mm
  • Bag max size: L: 280mm, W: 110mm, H: 40mm
  • Max speed: 230 bags/minute

GF250X – High speed pillow packing machine

If you are looking a pillow packing machine which can pack soft, light or sticky products in high speed, GF250X must be the ideal choice for you. Based on the rotary blade cut type, the packaging speed can be up to 230bags/minute, which can meet customer’s high production capacity requirement.

The rollstock film position for GF250X is under the conveyor belt, which can pack the soft, light, sticky or multipacks products, and other products that are difficult to push with the conveyor belt. High speed, high quaity and high cost-effective, easily to operate and maintain, all these features make the GF250X the ideal machine that will fulfil the needs of customers requiring to pack irregular products or products that are difficult to transport.

Thickness of film25-80um25-80um
Max. film width250mm350mm
Bag length65-190mm or 120-280mm65-190mm or 120-280mm
Bag width30-110mm50-160mm
Product heightMax. 40mmMax. 40mm
Packing speed40-230bags/min.40-230bags/min.
Rollstock film positionNetherNether
Cross sealing/cutting typeRotaryRotary
Voltage & Power220V/2.4KW220V/2.8KW
Net weight450kgs550kgs
Overall sizeL3770xW670xH1450mmL3770xW720xH1450mm

  • High speed up to 230bags/min
  • Single knife and double knife bag cutting are optional
  • Durable 304 stainless steel frame and easy cleaning
  • PLC control system is easily to set with high accuracy
  • Automatic material sensor and stopping
  • Automatical process of transport, feeding, wrapping, printing, sealing and cuting
  • Easy to operate and minimal maintenance requirements
  • High quality components¬†ensure machine smoothly running with high speed and low noise

  • Thermal printer
  • Ribbon printer
  • In-feeding unit
  • Take-away conveyor
powder photo

Normal powder

granule photo1


liquid photo


Some questions after checked?

GF250X can meet my requirement, but I have more details questions besides the price, delivery date etc.

Requeest professional suggestion as not sure GF250X is the exactly machine I am looking for.

Pls fill in your requirements details and send to us now.

Or maybe you want to see more horizontal packing machines, or more packing solutions before make decision.