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Small Sachet Packing Machine-GF388

GF388 is a small sachet packing machine which can meet customer’s small bag and low production capacity requirements. Which can pack various powder, granule and liquid products by changing different measuring devices .

  • Measuring range: 50ml – 300ml
  • Bag size: W: 30 – 150mm, L: 40 – 200mm
  • Max speed: 60 bags/minute

GF388-Can meet a variety of flexible needs

GF388 can meet your flexible packaging requirements, the package capacity is from 50ml to 300ml with diffrent sachet bag types, such as 3 sides seal, 4 sides seam and backside seal, it is the ideal choice if you want to start a small business for sachet packing, and also it is easily to operate with PLC touch screen display and full automatic system.

Another advantage of GF388 is diffrent measuring devices are optional, can use screw to measure powder, measuring cup for free flowing granules, and different pump for liquid and paste. You can get high quality and flexible designed small sachet packing machine with limited budgets.

  • Packageing speed: 30-60bags/min
  • Measuring range: 50ml-300ml
  • Max roll film width: 320mm
  • Power: 1200W
  • Voltage: 220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Net weight: 350kgs
  • Overall size: L1000xW800xH1800mm
  • Packaging film: Paper/PE, PP/Aluminum foil/PE, Nylon/PE

  • Flexible designed to meet varous packing requirements
  • Durable stainless steel frame and easy cleaning
  • PLC control system, color touch screen display
  • Stepping motor drive ensure high precision
  • Quick, tool-free changeover
  • Automatical process of measuring, feeding, filling, bag making,sealing and printing
  • Easy to operate and minimal maintenance requirements
  • High quality components¬†ensure machine smoothly running with high speed and low noise
  • Thermal printer
  • Ribbon printer
  • Hole punch (Euro slot or round)
  • Tear notch
  • Link bag device
  • In-feeding unit
  • Take-away conveyor
powder photo

Normal Powder

granule photo1


liquid photo


Some questions after checked?

GF388 can meet my requirement, but I have more details questions besides the price, delivery date etc.

Requeest professional suggestion as not sure GF388 is the exactly machine I am looking for.

Pls fill in your requirements details and send to us now.

Or maybe you want to see more Sachet packing machines, or more packing solutions before make decision.