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The Advantages for Stick Packing Machine

Stick packing machine is similar as VFFS packing machine with automaticly measuring, filling, bag making and sealling, and by using different measurement device which can pack liquid, granules, powder and paste products. Stick packing machine is moe and more popular as the proper advantages.

  • 1-12 lanes are optional according to production capacity requirement;
  • Save on packaging materials and more environment-friendly;
  • Stick pack is narrow and compact which makes it easy to put in your purse, backpack or pocket;
  • Popular stick packs will help you expand the market and get more business.

Stick pack machine manufacture

As a professional manufacturer of stick packaging machine for 15 years, GF Machine supplies highly reliable stick pack machines for all levels of production demand, quality, price, easy using and low maintain cost are the main factors we are focusing on, which can make sure customers get the correct stick packing machine with limited budget and get the best possible ROI.

Longlife Design

Longlife operating is our quality standard, the machine including PLC, stepping motos and all parts should accord with the longlife design.

Cost Effective

Supply top quality machine but with competitive price is a challenge but is our target. Help customer geting the best possible ROI is our mission.

Satisfied After-sales

After-sales service is very important for machines, GF offer lifetime after-sales service from pre-sales consulting, installation until end day.

We provide various multifunctional automatic stick packing machines.

Want to consult customized stick packing machine?

How stick packing working?

Here you can learn how our stick pack machine works.

Mesuring device for stick packaging machines

According to the characteristics of packaging materials and fluidity, and using different measurement devices, the stick packing machine can pack different products, such as powder, granules, liquid and paste.


Screw Parts

The screw can measure different powder products

Measuring Cup

Measuring cup can use for free flowing granules


Liquid Pump

Different pump can use for liquid and paste products

Combination Weigher

Weight granules products in high precision and speed.

Different Types of Sachet Bags

Granule stick pack bag styles

Stick Pack Bag Styles

Different bag cut and shapes are optional for stick pack, besides zig zag cut, straight, round cut, the special cut also is available.

Stick pack machine for sale

The price of single lane is economical, while the cost of multi-lanes will be higher but the output will also increase. However, the final price depends on the specific machine model and the customized requirements of customers. It is better for customers to choose the lane of pack machine according to their own production capacity, in this way, the stick machines can meet production and market demand well without wasting their investment.

It is recommended to put quality in a more important position than price, because the downtime loss and maintenance cost caused by the failure of low-quality machines in production will lead to a worse ROI. Furthermore, it may even cause the loss of customers and the market.

GF machines is committed to supply the high quality packing machines with competitive price, we are proud of customers can get a sachet machine with limited budget which can operate stably more than 10 years.

Consult how to get correct stick packing machine with limited budget.

How to choose a correct stick packing machine?

Correct stick packing machine will help you to save and extend your business, here are some important factors for helping you find a stick machine that meets your needs exactly.

1. Stick pack requirements

First, you need to know the characteristics of the packaging contents. For example, powders, granules, and liquids have different characteristics and fluidity, so it is necessary to choose a packaging machine with suitable functions.

At the same time, the packaging material, packaging size, printing content and printing effect, cut shape and other requirements should also be considered.

2. Determine the market plan and purchase budget

After confirming your requirements, you can make the market planning based on short term and long term, and calculate the production capacity to meet your market demand.

One more thing you should consider is the factory space, sachet machinery is commonly compact but you also should provide enough space for other packing functions, such as storage of packed products and raw materials, and the area for the operators, etc.

It is easy to get the purchase budget after above 2 issues determined, we suggest you keeping some extra space for the budget, as some cost factors will be missed at the beginning.

3. Choose the correct stick bag packing machine model

Now is the time to check the stick pack machine and select the correct model. Here are some factors that you could consider firstly: the machine quality, single lane or multi-lane, high production efficiency, easy installation, simple operation and low maintenance cost.

We suggest you send all your requirements to the stick machine supplier and get some professional suggestions, then cross check and compare the suggestions from different suppliers, it will help you to make the final correct decision.

4. Supplier Evaluation

It is important also but is a bit difficult if you can not visit the factory directly, but there are 2 things can help you.

First check the business license, maybe you can not read the language, but the date of establishment is easily to find, old factory is more trustworthy then new one and 5 years old or above is necessary.

Meanwhile you can evaluate during the communication, profession, timeliness, or other certifications are the factors you can consider.

5. Installation and after-sales service

You should carefully check with vendor for after-sales service. The warranty time and policy details should be clarity, which include the user manuals, installation service, maintenance service, parts service and local or online technic support, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are many types of products with small quantity for each production batch, you can first consider the single-lane or double-lane stick pack machines. However, if there are only few fixed products with big quantity, the multi-lane stick packaging machine will be better choice due to the high efficiency and big production capacity.

Our company has been designing and producing stick packing machines for more than 15 years. Thousands of machines have been highly recognized by customers and market. Our company has very advanced technology and mature experience in product and software system design, parts selection and manufacturing. We not only have first-class product quality, but also have rich experience accumulated in cost control which allowed customers to obtain high-quality stick packaging machines under a limited budget.

Providing customized services is a key service item of our company.

Many of our customers who purchased stick packaging machines in the past would like to customize and make some changes according to their own needs. Our engineers have rich experience to customize the design and style of stick packing machines to meet your unique specifications. And they will patiently answer your every question until you get a satisfactory solution.

The delivery time depends on the machines specific situation.

For standard version packaging machine in stock, generally it can be delivered within 10 days after receiving the deposit.

If there is no stock, we can complete the production and deliver the goods within 25-35 days after receiving the deposit.

For the customized product, the actual delivery time is determined according to the specific production situation of the machine.

  • Consulting and confirm the machine model, lead time, payment terms
  • Make and sign PI, pay the deposit
  • Start production after receiving the deposit
  • Pay the balance amount and book the cargo space at same time
  • Declaration and export the cargo
  • Provide machine packing lists, invoices and customs clearance documents required by customer
  • Cargo arrival at port and custom clearance by customer
  • The vendor provides video or online guidance or dispatched technical personnel to assist in the installation
  • The machine will be successfully debugged and start production
  • Provide after-sales service for life

For installation and commissioning services, we provide you a complete equipment installation guide manual and a video of full details machine installation and assist you till the end.

According to customer needs, we can also provide online video installation instructions, online guidance and training factory technicians to install and debug.

When the epidemic is under control, we can also dispatch technicians to provide on-site installation service according to customer requirements. In this case, the customer needs to afford the visa, air ticket, board and lodging and salary expenses.

Our after-sales service team will provide customers with professional service and solve the problems encountered by customers in production in a timely manner.

Our machine products will provide a one-year quality guarantee. All parts damaged by non-personal factors during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge. After the warranty period, only the cost price will be charged for parts repair or replacement. Also will provides spare parts, technical support and maintenance services for life.

More questions pls contact with us now

Just let us know your requirement details, materials characteristics and stick bag styles, our professional team will provide you with a most suitable packaging solution!