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Tea packing machine has a wide variety of usage for tea bag filling and sealing

The tea packaging machine is a kind of automatic packaging equipment.It is also called tea bag packing machine which can be used for packaging various kinds of tea, ground coffee powder, herbs, seeds, medicines, health products, cereals and other granules materials.

Advanced tea packing machine can do measurement automatically, bag filling, sealing, cutting, code printing, counting and so on. It can simultaneously form an outer envelope that encloses the filter paper tea bag for improved hygiene. The machine automatically counts and packs the finished product into boxes.

Professional tea packing machine manufacturer

GFmachines is a professional manufacturer of tea packing machine for over 15 years. We help customers to optimize the packing solution and get the best possible ROI. Quality, price, easy using and maintain are the main factors we are focusing on, which can make sure customers get the correct packing machine with limited budget, and the machines can work stability and at high speed for more than 10 years.

We provide various multifunctional automatic tea bag packing machines.

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How tea bag packing working?

Here you can learn how our tea bag pack machine works.

How to choose a good Tea Packing Machine?

Chose a correct tea packing machine is very important for you to extending your business, here are some important factors for your reference. It will ensure you find the tea packaging machine that meets your needs exactly.

1. Comprehensive market research

Either the tea business is new for you, or want to expansion of production capacity, the market research is the first important step, you should have the clearly idea for what kind of tea are welcome or hot-sale in the market, select the correct tea category and tea bag design will help you earn more profit from the market.

2. Determine the market plan and purchase budget

After finished the market research, you can make the market planning based on short term and long term, and calculate the production capacity to meet your market demand.

One more thing you should consider is the factory space, automated machinery is commonly compact but you also should provide enough space for other packaging functions, such as storage of packed products, raw materials, and the area for the operators, etc.

It is easy to get the purchase budget after above 2 issues determined, we suggest you keeping some extra space for the budget, as some cost factors will be missed at the beginning.

3. Choose the correct tea bag packing model

Now is the time to check the tea packing machine and select the correct model, you can choose the machine according to tea category, tea bag design, production capacity and the purchase budget. Compare with price, the machine quality, easy installing, operating, maintaining are the priority factors should be considered.

We suggest you send all your requirements to the tea bag machine supplier and get some professional suggestion, then cross check and compare the suggestions from different suppliers, it will help you to make the final correct decision.

4. Supplier Evaluation

It is important but also is a bit difficult if you can not visit the factory directly, but there are 2 things can help you.

First check the business license, maybe you can not read the language, but the date of establishment is easily to find, old factory is more trustworthy then new one and 5 years old or above is necessary.

Meanwhile you can evaluate during the communication, profession, timeliness, or other certifications are the factors you can consider.

5. After-sales Service

After-sales service is very important for machines, you should carefully check with vendor. The warranty time and policy details should be clarity, which include the user manuals, installation service, maintenance service, parts service and local or online technic support, etc.

In addition, it is also important to choose equipment with simple installation and operation and low maintenance cost. At the same time, it is more important to ensure the high efficiency and low failure rate of production than the cheap purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Providing customized services is a key service item of our company.

Our engineers will design the most suitable tea packaging solutions according to your tea characteristics and individual requirements. And will patiently answer your every question until you get a satisfactory confirmation.

The delivery time depends on the machines specific situation.

For standard version packaging machine in stock, generally it can be delivered within 10 days after receiving the deposit.

If there is no stock, we can complete the production and deliver the goods within 25 days after receiving the deposit.

For the customized product, the actual delivery time is determined according to the specific production situation of the machine.

  • Consulting and confirm the machine model, lead time, payment terms
  • Make and sign PI, pay the deposit
  • Start production after receiving the deposit
  • Pay the balance amount and book the cargo space at same time
  • Declaration and export the cargo
  • Provide machine packing lists, invoices and customs clearance documents required by customer
  • Cargo arrival at port and custom clearance by customer
  • The vendor provides video or online guidance or dispatched technical personnel to assist in the installation
  • The machine will be successfully debugged and start production
  • Provide after-sales service for life

Before delivery, we will send you pictures and videos for you to check the quality, and also you can arrange for quality checking by yourself or by your people in China.

For installation and commissioning services, we provide you a complete equipment installation guide manual and a video of full details machine installation and assist you till the end.

According to customer needs, we can also provide online video installation instructions, online guidance and training factory technicians to install and debug.

When the epidemic is under control, we can also dispatch technicians to provide on-site installation service according to customer requirements. In this case, the customer needs to afford the visa, air ticket, board and lodging and salary expenses.

Our after-sales service team will provide customers with professional service and solve the problems encountered by customers in production in a timely manner.

Our machine products will provide a one-year quality guarantee. All parts damaged by non-personal factors during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge. After the warranty period, only the cost price will be charged for parts repair or replacement. Also will provides spare parts, technical support and maintenance services for life.

More questions pls contact with us now

Just let us know your requirement details, tea category and tea bag design, our professional team will provide you with a most suitable packaging solution!