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It is time to start your paper straw business

Under the pressure of environmental protection and ban on plastics straws, conventional plastics straws are facing the fate of being eliminated, and it is urgent to replace plastic straws with environmentally friendly straws. In this context, the paper straws become an effective alternative, which use paper as raw materials, they are environmentally friendly straws that will not pollute the environment and can be completely degraded in the natural environment.

Under the promotion of the straws banned order, there is a large development prospect and a high investment potential for paper straws, it is obviously that professional advice and strong support is very important for your new business.

Professional paper straw making machine suppliers

As a machine manufacturer with 15 years of production experience, GF machines can provide professional services and suggestions for the construction of one-stop paper straws production line. The quality, price, easy using and low maintain cost are the main factors we are focusing on, which can make ensure customers get the paper straw production line with limited budget and get the best possible ROI.

Flexible Design

Can produce normal glue type paper straw and glue free type paper straw to meet high-quality environmental requirements.

Cost Effective

our equipments are excellent in quality with long service life and low failure rate. You can get a higher return on investment within a limited budget.

Professional Service

Our services include free and professional consulting and design, installation guidance, worker training, and lifetime after-sales service.

One-stop provide paper straws production full set machines

Paper straw making machine2

Paper Straw Making Machine for Sale- GFXGJ-W66

GFXGJ-W66 can produce both glue paper straw and glue free paper straw, which is automatically for the full straw making process including paper feeding and connecting, straw forming, cutting and cllecting.

Price: $20,000.00 – $30,000.00/set

Paper Straw Bending Machine GFWJ300

GFWJ300 is a straw bending machine which can bend the paper straws according to requested style and angle. The bended straws are popular and widly used in our daily life. The entire device is fully automated from straws input, bending, counting and output. 

Price: $12,000.00 – $15,000.00/set

Paper straw bending machine
Paper Straw Bevel Machine

Straw Bevel Cutting Machine GFXG-926

GFXGJ-W66 is a paper straw making machine using food grade paper material, which is automatically for the full straw making process including paper feeding and connecting, straw forming, cutting and cllecting.

Price: $12,000.00 – $15,000.00/set

Straw Packing Machine GFHS-01

GFHS-01 is a good choice for individual drinking straws packing, which can pack straws one by one in high speed up to 350pcs/minute. The packing process is automatically including straws feeding, packing, printing, counting and collecting.

Price: $5,000.00 – $7,000.00/set

Paper straw packing machine GFHS01-2

Straw Packing Machine GFAB-600D

GFAB-600D is a multiple straws packing machine, the speed is from 3 to 20 bags/minute, and 5-300pcs straws can be packed together according to requirement.  Which is suitable to pack groups drinking straws , incense sticks etc.

Price: $5,000.00 – $7,000.00/set

Above paper drinking straw making machine price is for reference, the actual paper straw making machine cost is based on customer’s requirements, pls feel free to contact with us and get preferential price now.

How to make a paper straw?

Below workflow diagram and video will show you the full production process.

Manufacturing paper straws is a completely different process to producing plastic straws. The full process of the production of paper straws includes printing, slitting, paper straws production. According to the needs, make the design of bending and oblique cutting of the port. Finally, it is packaged individually or in a whole bag.

In the process of production, it is typically constructed of 3 plies of paper, the plies are bonded together with a small amount of glue. But our paper straw production equipment can produce non-glue paper straws, which are more healthy and environmentally friendly, more suitable for high temperature hot drinks.

Know more about paper straws

Yes, the paper straws can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature, and finally produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), which will directly enter the soil and become organic matter to be absorbed by plants. It will not cause the greenhouse effect and will not pollute the environment.

In the straw market, normally paper straws contain food-grade glue to helps the paper straw maintain its shape for a few hours of use while also being biodegradable and food-safe.

And our paper straw machine can produce both glue-containing and glue-free straws. Among them, the glue-free ones can withstand 100 degrees of high temperature, and there are no harmful substances released.

We should know that some other material will be used besides paper, such as few glue will be used to paste the paper, and also the paper will be printed to get colorful outlook, both the glue and ink are chemical material which are not 100% environmental friendly.

The main raw material of paper straws is food grade paper, which is natural and harmless to the people. However, glue and printing ink may be used in the production process, they are chemical raw materials, which may have certain adverse effects on the human body, especially if using the normal paper straws for hot liquid, the chemical components may decompose and produce substances harmful to humans, we should pay high atention or using glue free paper straws for hot liquid.

Paper straws VS plastic straws and other quality straws

Before start the paper straw business, you may have the similar questions like this: How much does it cost to make paper straws? What about price of paper straw vs plastic straw? Is paper straw cheaper than plastic? There is no doubt, paper straws price is higher than plastic straws, but in the daily life, the impact of price differences is small, but the impact on environmental pollution is indeed very serious, so cost should not be the only factor we consider.

The following table shows the different properties of different quality straws, hope it is helpful for you to know more about the straws.

Size: 197*6mmBamboo
StarchPLAGlue paper
Glue free
paper straw
Never moldy
High temperature
Resistance to bite

The advantage for glue free paper straw

1. Save time, the glue free straws can be packed once finished and no need waiting dry, and wou’t be moldy in 2 years;

2. Idea choice for hot liquid drinking, even in 100 degree, it is not easy getting soggy and soft, no strong smell, the most important that is environmentally friendly and healthy;

3. By using same quality paper, our paper straw making machine can make the glue free paper straws with higher hardness;

4. Can save the gluer device cost and glue cost, no need worry about the weather and coating process, easy for operation.

Consult more information about glue free paper straw making machine.

How to choose a good set of paper straw production equipments?

If you want to start paper straw business, normally not only buy one machine, but need to buy full set production equipments, here are some important tips for helping you select correct paper straw production machines which can meet your needs exactly.

1. Do adequate market research

Whether you are starting a new paper straw business or expanding the original paper straw production scale, adequate market research is very necessary.

The survey content mainly includes the wholesale price of paper straws, quality requirements, such as thickness, hardness, environmental protection requirements, which style is popular? Straight or bended? Original paper color or printed color? The biggest usage is for normal drink or hot drink? Package requirement? And etc. You should try to get as more information as possible.

2. Determine the appropriate investment decision budget

According to the survey results, determine the investment decision that suits you, such as investment budget, production content, production capacity target, etc. Optimize investment effectiveness as much as possible to obtain a high ROI.

One more thing you should consider is the factory space, so you should provide enough space for the full packing functions, such as space for machine, storage of paper straws, raw materials, and the area for the operators, such as in-feeding unite, take-away conveyor etc.

3. Choose the right production equipment

Choose the most suitable production equipment according to your determined investment decision. If the determined paper straw production line covers the entire chain, you need to purchase paper slitting machines, paper printing machines, paper straw making machines, bending machines, beveling machines and packaging machines.

But if you only determine to invest in part of the production process, you only need to purchase the corresponding production equipment. At the same time, you’d better select equipment or multiple equipment with suitable production speed to meet the planned capacity demand.

4. Evaluation of suppliers

It’s important to evaluate whether the supplier is professional and cooperative. Professional suppliers will take the initiative to ask for relevant information to ensure that they provide the correct products. Meanwhile you can evaluate the supplier during the communication, profession, timeliness, or other certifications. Of course, under the premise of ensuring quality, you can choose a supplier with a more competitive price.

5. Installation and after-sales service

Clearly determine the terms of installation and after-sales service with the supplier. Normally you will buy full set machines to produce paper straws, so it is more professional and difficult in installation, debugging, troubleshooting and maintenance. Therefore, excellent after-sales service and operator training are very important, otherwise a lot of trouble will cause headaches for buyers.

For installation and commissioning services, GF Machine provides you a complete equipment installation guide manual and a video of full details machine installation and assist you till the end.

During the warranty period, all parts damaged by non-personal factors will be replaced free of charge. After the warranty period, only the cost price will be charged for parts repair or replacement. Our company provides spare parts, technical support and maintenance services for life.

More questions pls contact with us now

Just let us know your requirement details, quality, size and other requirements, our professional team will provide you with a most suitable paper straw production solution!