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Paper Straw Bending Machine GFWJ300

GFWJ300 is a straw bending machine which can bend the paper straws according to requested style and angle. The bended straws are popular and widly used in our daily life.

  • Diameter of straw: 6 mm
  • Lengh of straw: 150-240 mm
  • Producing speed: 250-300 pcs/minute

GFWJ300 – Bend the straw according to your requirement

GFWJ300 can bend the straight straws to be flexible accordion shape to meet diffrent daily drinking demands. The entire device is fully automated from straws input, bending, counting and output. The main producing process is like this: straws are ready in the hopper above, there are two sets straw holder to clamp the straight straw and feeds into the main rotary turntable device one by one. Through the rotation of the main rotary turntable device, the straw forms an indentation on the straw through the two pressure rollers. Then it is compressed by two robot hands to make trace appear accordion shape.

G&F always focus on the core demands from customer – get high quality packaging machine with limited budgets. There is never the lowest price, but in the high-quality level, G&F’s price definitely is the most competitive, which benefits by cost controlling excellently based on 15 years professional experience, we will try best to support our customers to extend the market and make business succesfully.

  • Lengh of straw: 150-240 mm
  • Diameter of straw: 6 mm
  • Internal diameter: 5.2 mm
  • Producing speed: 250-300 pcs/minute
  • Organ length: 30 mm
  • Power: 1500W
  • Voltage: 380V / 50Hz
  • Net weight: 1000kgs
  • Machine size: 1900x1400x1600mm

  • High production efficiency, easy to operate and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Awailable for paper and plastics straight straws bending
  • Automatic counting and displaying on PLC touch screen
  • Automatical process of straws feeding, bending and counting
  • Automatically stop after finished one production batch
  • Friendly human-machine interface, automatically stop and alarm for running fault
  • High quality components ensure machine smoothly running with high speed and low noise

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