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Straw Bevel Cutting Machine GFXG-926

GFXG-926 is a standard straw bevel cutting machine, which can automatically cut straws obliquely in high efficiency, and meet customers special requirement.

  • Diameter of straw: 4-14 mm
  • Lengh of straw: 80-300 mm
  • Max cutting speed: 1000 meters/minute

GFXG-926 – Automatically straws bevel cutting machine

GFXG-926 is automatic bevel cutting of a single length straw into two (or single) straws, which integrates the automatic dropping of straw and oblique cutting. The host machine is equipped with frequency conversion and speed regulation, and the touch screen PLC man-machine interface is simple to set and easy to operate.

Another advantage features for GFXG-926 is using multi-knife cutting system, no waste, high precision, time-saving and high efficiency, and the main accessories are made of stainless steel to ensure the hygiene and environmental protection of the products. Based on 15 years professional experience, ensure our customers can get high quality packaging machine with limited budgets, which is helpful for extending the market and making business succesfully.

  • Lengh of straw: 80-300 mm
  • Diameter of straw: 4-14 mm
  • Max cutting speed: 1000 meters/minute
  • Power: 2000W
  • Voltage: 380V / 50Hz
  • Net weight: 300kgs
  • Machine size: 1900x1800x1700mm
  • Cutter: 5 handles

  • High production efficiency, easy to operate and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Awailable for paper and plastics straight straws bevel cutting
  • PLC touch screen, easily to set and operate
  • Multi-knife cutting system, max speed is upto 1000M/minute
  • Friendly human-machine interface, automatically stop and alarm for running fault
  • High quality components ensure machine smoothly running with high speed and low noise

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