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Straw Packing Machine GFHS-01

GFHS-01 is a high speed single straw packing machine, the speed can be upto 350pcs/minute, which can meet customer’s individual package requirement.

  • Diameter of straw: 5-10 mm
  • Lengh of straw: 197-260 mm
  • Packing speed: 350 pcs/minute

GFHS-01 – High speed individual straw packing machine

GFHS-01 is a good choice for individual drinking straws packing, which can pack straws one by one in high speed up to 350pcs/minute. The packing process is automatically including straws feeding, packing, printing, counting and collecting, it is easily to operate with low maintain cost.

Normally straw packing should use together with straw making machine, and multiple straw packing machine as well, in this way you have a complete production line for the production and packaging of paper straws, which is helpful for extending the market and making business succesfully.

  • Lengh of straw: 197-260 mm
  • Diameter of straw: 5-10 mm
  • Packing speed: 350 pcs/minute
  • Print mode: 2 colors
  • Packing style: Paper wrap / 3-side sealing / 25-30 mm wide
  • Power: 1100W
  • Voltage: 220V or 380V / 50Hz
  • Net weight: 400 kgs
  • Machine size: 1900x1700x1600mm
  • Packing material: Paper, BOPP

  • One machine can pack both straight and bended straws
  • Automatic machanical tension control, finished package is more compact
  • Both paper and BOPP packing material are optional by using diffrent sealing wheel
  • Automatic counting device with pneumatic arm
  •  Automatical process of feeding, packing, printing and countting
  • High packing efficiency, easy to operate and minimal maintenance requirements
  • High quality components ensure machine smoothly running with high speed and low noise

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GFHS-01 can meet my requirement, but I have more details questions such as the price, delivery date etc.

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